gloria frym

GLORIA FRYM/span> REMAINS Remains At a certain time in life, depending upon one’s class, one wants to dispose, not acquire. If offered objects, one prefers experience. No presents, please, reads the birthday anniversary retirement party notice. We only want your person, your good cheer. In … continuegloria frym

paul hoover

PAUL HOOVER BONECAS CHINESAS deixe-me dizer o canto que há de bem cantá-lo o longo som do canto chora ao corredor lebre na lua homem no chão as portas se escancaram agora tudo é contexto * não chalé de palha mas uma casa de praia … continuepaul hoover

inês morão dias

IN[E]S MOR[A]O DIAS CHRONICLE I get ready for grasping at straws and becoming my own master as maria theresa horta said in a booklet that was hard for me to read at a glance só little the distance of the migrating love and other how … continueinês morão dias

vi khi nao

VI KHI NAO YOUR DRESS IS A SWEATING DAFFODIL Outside, the air is heavy as droplets of coruscating water swimming through a bowl of eggnog. Suddenly the sound of something from the interior periphery pulls me back in. Is it the sound of the microwave … continuevi khi nao

rob lipton

ROB LIPTON O DESDIZER emputeça o bicho com cicatrizes de amídalas braços de talidomida, filha remando um barco de caniços os olhos do pai se esbugalham, sua pele se bronzeia (eternamente) rubra emputeça o bicho com cicatrizes de amídalas, o experimento falha, a leda bronca … continuerob lipton

prisca agostoni

PRISCA AGOSTONI DIALOGUES I. with Dany Laferrière: survival being in the epicenter of the apocalypse the island a language in extinction a floating wound: I carry a notebook in the apex of the tragic day and I write :: stone :: tree :: dust :: … continueprisca agostoni

francisca camelo

FRANCISCA CAMELO declaration of intent: i tried to write a love poem, but it’s more like a receipt. no names: it’s a small city. RECEIPT POEM FOR NEW POEM IN TOWN, PARTS I AND II my loneliness is killing me (and i) i must confess … continuefrancisca camelo

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